The Tin Can Gypsy was a dream I had when I wanted to start traveling doing shows and taking everything we make across the country. I tried to have a brick and mortar store but I just couldn't sit still long enough. I've been painting furniture since I was a young mother to poor to buy anything new and I loved making " Old " cast offs beautiful again and giving them new life. I started making signs in my driveway and sold one of the first ones I did to a certain someone from Waco Tx that  used them on her show. I would have never thought they would have become so popular. I decided to branch out and I put together a paint collection that just made sense. I already had a strong background in painting furniture so why not start teaching my technique to others !!! I have such a passion for soft , comfortable yet affordable bedding. That brought us to Vagabond Bedding by TCG ... Last but not least !!! Candles because we all have our signature scent and I've brought you a few of mine.. Please feel free to shop with ease and the knowledge that everything we sell is made right here by us in the wonderful USA !!!!.