Simply Paint is HERE !!!!!

When my kids were young I of course was a hard working mom that always had a feel for decorating and having a beautiful home. I was unfortunately poor and lived on a garage sale budget. So I learned to paint and fix furniture pretty fast and found that it was an awesome stress reliever.

A few years ago the whole ” Chalk Paint ” revolution appeared and painting furniture was cool again . I like many others jumped on this new Bandwagon and I started painting everything with “Chalk Paint ” and trying every kind I could. Because it was expensive and you had to buy so many products I learned to make my own. Well when you paint furniture for the public you tend to get several repeat customers that like to change their houses and furniture a lot and and you get furniture back to redo. Repainting furniture thats been chalk painted and waxed becomes a nightmare.. Ive had this debate with several avid furniture painters and some don’t seem to care and others like me find it to be a huge hassle.Ive had huge problems with waxing as it gave me a horrible headache and I just found it to be a
pain. When Ive tried to paint back over it UGHHH what an unpleasant experience . So I decided to figure out a paint that A.You don’t have to wax EVER !!!! B.Thats easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of products to buy to finish out the piece. Well I think you will find we finally did figure it out and we would love to hear your opinions.

” Simply Paint ” offers 20 base colors and formulas to mix them and turn them into 1000s of other color options. A fabulous ” Odorless Stain ” that you can use anywhere.. 3 colors of glaze but again formulas to make many other colors. And Last a super durable Top Coat for finishing off your favorite piece.

We are also interviewing Brick & Mortar stores to carry our line of Paint & Stains.
We will be filming several instructional videos to help teach you how to offer classes on that help you further your business and draw in more customers to your store.

“Simply Paint” can be used on Wood, Fabric, Metal and Glass..

One of the things I love to do is paint fabric on old furniture.. I will be filming a great tutorial to show you how you can transform beautiful old furniture with ugly fabric into something you can be proud of.

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