Life After Market .....

   Whew ...... After months of preparation and many sleepless nights we finally got everything ready for Dallas Market !!! I met so many wonderful people and we truly had a blast.. I want to thank all of my past customers for coming back to see us and I want to Welcome all of our new wholesale customers. We are so excited about all the new plans we have for 2018. Its going to be so much fun to show you guys that were not able to come to see all this new stuff.

Many of you have already purchased our signs with the awesome dark stained trim. We decided to add these to our collection for people that like to have a more modern look but still like a lil rustic feel.

You will also start to see many new signs that are done on cloth and have gorgeous stained frames. They come in many sizes and tons of wonderful sayings that I'm sure you will find some you will love.

And last but not least I want to start showing you guys all the different versions of our bedding. We will be showing many different styles and we will be sending out lots of info on pillows as well.

I hope while I'm on the road this Spring I get to meet a ton of you guys... Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram so we can all meet !!!!!!

Love to all of you !!!!

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