Hotels, Motels and Cheap Sheets

       I never seem to find the time to reach out to y'all much and I'm truthfully sorry about that. For those that know me know I definitely have plenty to say and opinions to give.

Living on the road following all the Vintage Market Days shows that I do gives me a new found respect for my warm comfortable bed. I learned a long time ago that big box store cheap sheets have no place in my life. I was recently in Asheville N.C. at a new VMD venue and it was seriously the biggest show I think I have ever done in terms of the amount of customers. When we would come back to the " Motel " at night we literally were so tired we kinda just fell into bed. That was until you moved around a little bit and felt like your skin was being ground up by tiny pieces of hard gravel. My grandson Remmy Lee sometimes gets to come with me on the road. It was Spring Break and he was so excited to come with me . He loves "Hotels". Now Remmy is 6 and this child knows the difference in good sheets from a nice "Hotel" and a cheap sheet "Motel". After the the 2nd night we were tossing and turning and he sat up in bed and said " Nana " I'm done with these "Motels" the sheets are scratchy and the eggs are fake I really need you to book us a "Hotel" from now on or I just cant come anymore.  

So is my life on the road........


Holley Kemper:

bought from you at the Dallas Market. Love everything I bought. would love to carry your pillow slips in my shop. Holleywood Salon Odessa TX.432-889-2478

Dec 01, 2020

Elaine Davis:

I absolutely love Remmy!

Jul 23, 2017

Joyce Toler Collins:

LoVe this post! I saw you in Asheville, NC at the VMD and bought some wonderful distressed pedestals form you! I am from Indiana…. wish you were closer!. Need to make an INDIANA T shirt!
Safe travels and find softer sheets for Remmy:)

Apr 22, 2017

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